Our Associates


Agrawal and Agrawal, Founded in 1986, are one of the eastern india’s leading architects. Today, Agrawal and Agrawal are renowned for their commercial complexes, residential apartments, townships, IT infrastructure complexes, malls, hotels, institutional and leisure projects.

Mishra Garg & Associates, Jaipur, have designed prominent residential and commercial properties, hotels, educational institutions and townships under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ashok Mishra and Mr. Rajeev Garg.

Legal Advisors

saha and raySaha and Ray, Advocates, Kolkata, is one of the premier law firms specialising in real estate and property laws, armed with international affiliations and global terms of reference, the company is jointly led by Mr. Avik Saha and Ms Jayati Ray.

S Kasiwal & Associates, Jaipur are a reputed law firm since 1932. They have offices in Jaipur and Mumbai.

Our Associates